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Monday Musings – as you wish.

How often do you read a book, just because you’re in the mood to read it? (not because you’re obligated to for a book club, or a challenge, or for review)

I have to admit – most of the time, which I know makes me unusual among book bloggers.

I’m starting to get more into challenges and will be launching one soon, but I find it too hard to structure my reading to meet the challenges.

Similarly, I get maybe 4 books a month for review (in a heavy month), which I read as and when the feeling takes me – I pick some up the minute they arrive and others have languished on my desk for months now! NetGalley and GalleyGrab only add to the problem.

My library permits me to renew and renew for months (unless there’s a hold on a book), so not even the library deadline forces me into anything!

I’m trying a structure at the moment (see Sunday Salon from 2 weeks ago), but I have got a bit diverted, having managed several review copies one after another – I think this is a good thing as it eases my conscience!


9 thoughts on “Monday Musings – as you wish.”

  1. I mainly read because I’m in the mood for a certain book too! 🙂 I can’t renew books from the library for more than 9 weeks (lol, as if I need a book for more than two months!), but I have no problem returning a book unread and requesting it again later if I feel like started it. The only exception for me are ILLs, since I can’t renew them and won’t be able to get my hands on them again! I go through phases with Netgalley…right now I’m reading quite a few NG books, but that’s because I want to! I don’t feel bad about declining e-galleys or just not getting to them before they expire. So yay for whimsy reading! 😀

  2. You have no idea just how long I have had Wolf Hall out of the library this year – probably at least 4 months in total (I’ve got it out again now). But yes, I don’t mind taking them back unread because I can always get them back, ditto ILLs (they don’t charge for those in London so I can always re-ILL it again).

      1. I am thinking of re-requesting The Blue Fox, since I was v ill when it arrived and I didn’t get to read it in time. I don’t even know if they’ll approve a request I already made once! I guess I’ll find out. Or use my mom’s account. 😉

  3. I have thought of taking a more structured approach to my reading, but it really never works for me. After 5 1/2 years in university to get a Bachelor’s and Masters in literature, it’s really nice to choose my own books. Of course, it also makes my blog feel a bit random, so I understand the need for some kind of structure. I’ve been trying to mix them up a bit so it’s not just crime fic, crime fic, YA, YA, or fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, but that doesn’t always work if you’re in the mood for something similar to what you’ve just read.

    1. I know – I cannot schedule my next read because something might catch my eye – like I had a borrowed book all lined up to read and then I went on a Philippa Gregory binge and have 3 books to read before I get back on track.

      1. I know exactly how you feel. I have the book to read for Book Talk, but I got distracted by Night Circus. It always happens. I feel like a cat interested in the shiny objects. LOL

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