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Monday Musings – Giving up

What does it take for you to give up on a book you’re reading?

These days, less and less. I had a rule about getting to page 100 of a book before giving up, but now I’m going to revise that one to page 100 or 25% of the book’s length, whichever is shorter, as I have had some real stinkers of short books recently.

I’ve given up on books recently for:

– impenetrable dialogue – After the Rains (review this week)

– narrators who are deeply unpleasant – Boiled Peanuts (rejected for review), among several others this year (Deliver Us From Evil, Snapshot)

– staccato point of view changes – I gave up on Almost Blue (review this week) because the POV changed about every 3 pages, and two were told in the first person so it took some time to figure out who was speaking

and within the last year for:

– overly smug writing – Absolute Friends

– proselytising – Book of Days and No Safe Haven (note: I had no problems at all with The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance)

– unfunny humour – Molvania

I’m coming to the conclusion that, as Lizzy Siddal put it on Twitter to me the other day, “the TBR is too high and life is too short!”


6 thoughts on “Monday Musings – Giving up”

  1. Lizzy has always been a wize woman! And let’s face it, she has more books than me (and that’s saying something!)

    I am having exactly the same trouble at the moment. I don’t know if it’s just me and my brain but for the last 10 days I must have started at least 3 books, got to just over 100 pages and then dumped it. Some I don’t even get past page 30. It’s starting to freak me out – I wanna read a good book!!! 😦

    1. I know – I’ve had 3 DNFs in quick succession and my first refused review. Anyway. I opened a non-fiction piece on immigration in the USA and am finding it fascinating. Maybe low expectations = high enjoyment?

  2. Used to be, once I started a book, I finished it. BUt now- especially over the last couple of years — I’m discarding books often. Sorry I haven’t kept track of why: sometimes I find it’s a genre I didn’t expect and don’t like, sometimes it’s the writing style…Time IS really too short.

  3. I don’t give up on books often because I don’t dislike many that badly, but when I do give up on a book it’s because it’s long and draggy. I hate the thought of being stuck with something I’m not enjoying for 400, 500, 600+ pages. If a book is short, I’m much more likely to stick with it, because the pain won’t last as long! I should get pickier though, because I really don’t want to waste reading time.

  4. ““the TBR is too high and life is too short!”” Amen, sister(s)! That looks weird, but I’m not sure how to agree with both people involved in a re-post! I also totally approve of the 25% rule: that’s something my mom has been doing for years, and taught to me, and it’s saved me some sure-to-be major headaches from books that just weren’t for me (at that time, anyway…)

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