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Sunday Salon – more sunshine!

OK, I don’t know what freak weather phenomenon is responsible for me sitting at the computer in shorts and a T-shirt at 7.30pm with every window wide open and washing still on the balcony (even though the sun has long gone down – the warm breeze is fantastic for drying) in October, but I am loving it. Apparently we get one more day of high 20s temperatures before we go into actual autumn weather (which seems to have been here since July) and I can put my shorts and summer dresses away till next May/June.

Seriously, the last 5-6 days of this Indian summer have been amazing and wonderful and short of being allowed to eat a kilo of chocolate every day and it not have any repercussions for my dress size, not much could have made me happier this week.

Ironic, given how stunning the weather has been, that I have barely ventured out of buildings for the past week! Work is gearing up slowly and is in that stage where you know the busy times are coming, and you do everything you can to front-load work, but you still know that the crazy overtime will get you at some stage. Today I spent several hours writing the presentation for the new joiners who start at work tomorrow… no doubt some of them will still be older than me – the woes of being 23.

Also I got promoted! Woo for me. I now get to call myself an Assistant Manager.

So with all of that going on, you can imagine that not all that much reading got done:

I read The Immigrant Advantage on Monday – this fascinating little volume detailed 8 practices of immigrant populations to the US which have ensured a much higher quality of life than one might expect given language and income limitations, and the author’s attempts to weave them into her own life. I really enjoyed it and would thoroughly recommend it for a bit of fairly light non-fiction.

I also finished The White Queen, the last of the Cousins War series by Philippa Gregory (actually it’s the first, I read them in reverse by mistake), and as I was hoping, it lived up to its companions.

Reviews of both of these to come next week.

Review posted this week were 2 “did not finish”es – After the Rains and Almost Blue.

On Tuesday, I launched Advent with Austen, my first hosted reading challenge! The idea is to read some Austen in Advent this year, to coincide with Jane’s birthday in the year of the 200th anniversary of Sense and Sensibility‘s publication. Go read the post and sign up if it sounds like something you’re interested in!

And I did some serious baking last weekend which I was going to post about on Friday but then didn’t, so I’ll delight you all with yummy photos this week at some point.

Now I’m off to enjoy the night time view from the balcony with an icy-cool drink. Seriously, October? No way.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – more sunshine!”

  1. Sadly the fun is already over up north (rain all day today), but l also love the past few days! There was lots of reading in the park.

    Congrats on the promotion!

    1. Thanks!
      Our fun is due to simmer down Tuesday and Wednesday but no rain on the forecast just yet. The Physicist lives in the north part-time and he bans me from coming to visit up there October-May because I’ll complain too much about the weather.

  2. Yay for promotion and yay for sunshine too! Don’t have woe or worry about the new starters being older than you – having been on the other side of that one, they will be more worried that they’re older than you and envious about how much you’ve achieved by 23. By the way, I will read Bel Canto soon I promise!

  3. Noooo!!! I can’t believe it’s been sunny in London. It’s been raining here in Sydney nearly the whole time :(. I am being blamed for bringing the weather.

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