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Looking back on September, looking forward to October

When I came to write this post, I looked back at what I wrote at the end of August:

SEPTEMBER??????? I am not ready for it to be September yet. I haven’t had summer! Where’s my summer!!!?????? *weeps like a petulant child denied a third scoop of ice cream*

Ironically, as we moved from September into October, we had 28-29 degrees and beautiful sunshine and it felt like summer was finally here.

My Goodreads page shows that I read 12 books in September, but 4 of those were DNFs, so it wasn’t quite the reading month that it might have been. However, I also read some really excellent books and have hit on two new authors whose work I have particularly enjoyed this month.

Mice – Gordon Reece – 8/10

Sister – Rosamund Lupton – 8/10

The Craigslist Murders – Brenda Cullerton – (DNF) 0/10

Domestic Violets – Matthew Norman – (DNF) 3/10

Crocodile on the Sandbank – Elizabeth Peters – 9/10

The Broken Teaglass – Emily Arsenault – 7/10

The Lady of the Rivers – Philippa Gregory – 8/10

Black Diamond – John Dobbyn – 6/10

The Red Queen – Philippa Gregory – 7/10

After the Rains – Emily Barroso – (DNF) 1/10

Almost Blue – Carlo Lucarelli – (DNF) 5/10

The Immigrant Advantage – Claudia Kolker – review to come.

The two authors I mentioned before were Elizabeth Peters (I have hunted down more than half of the 20+ book series on Bookmooch and wishlisted the rest) and Philippa Gregory: I wasn’t a huge fan of The Other Boleyn Girl – too much romance and not enough history – but I loved the Cousins War trilogy. I’ve rounded up a few of hers too on Bookmooch and will be eager to see #4 and #5 in the Cousins War series when they eventually come out.

I’m in and out of a few books at the moment:

I’m listening to Stef Penney’s The Tenderness of Wolves audiobook while cycling and am up to track 76 of 80 (I’ve been listening to this since March).

As for print copies, I’ve pretty much left what I wrote last month untouched, I’m ashamed to say! I’ve tried to clear a bit of the NetGalley, I’ve started but am not enthused by the second of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, Fool Moon and I’m a little overwhelmed by review copies (see below).

In Malice, So Close by Brandi Lynn Ryder, from Penguin Group USA – this came with Mice (reviewed last month). And looks like a Lolita for the modern age. As I bought Reading Lolita in Tehran when I was in the north, maybe I should actually read Lolita, then get to these two? I’ve had this copy for quite a while though so I should definitely dig into it!

The Barros Pawns by Peter J. Earle (see Purgatory Road, also by Earle) and After the Rains, by Emily Barroso, both from Matador Publishing and received for review in The Self-Publishing Magazine.

So those should keep me busy for a while?


7 thoughts on “Looking back on September, looking forward to October”

  1. I enjoyed Gregory’s “The Queen’s Fool,” but I recommend you stay far, far, far away from “A Respectable Trade.” I don’t know if I can come near another of her books after being scarred by that one.

    I respect when readers can DNF a book. I tend to push through, no matter what. I can’t imagine how much reading time I’ve wasted like that.

  2. Elizabeth Peters is so much fun! I only read the first two Amelia Peabody books, but I really enjoyed them. I really ought to get my hands on more.

    Reading Lolita before Lolita in Tehran is definitely a good idea (as well as any of the other classics discussed that you might have missed). Not only do the discussions Nafisi has with her students include spoilers, but they’re a lot more rewarding to read if you’re familiar with the books.

  3. Elizabeth Peters is still on my unread list and has been since 2010, I am a complete failure. I am jealous over this — at the quantity, I haven’t heard of a lot of these things, ha. All I have been reading is depressing stuff about how the US is a bunch of land stealing jerks. SIGH.

    My advice about the Dresden Files is to not force yourself to read them. If you want the awesome without the book, I suggest reading the fanfic, where the quality is SUPER high and really interesting. Uh. If you can handle dudes making out, I guess. *steps off fanfic-as-literature soapboax*

    I sure hope Ana warned you about me. >.>

  4. I liked Amelia Peabody, but I didn’t like her love interest. She should have walled him up in one of the pyramids. HaHa. I’m a total DNF freak. If I don’t like a book, I quit reading it. Life IS too short.

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