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Sunday Salon – exhausted

Ah, life. You found me again. This week was a little bit on the crazy side:

Monday: get to work at 8am to welcome the new joiners to the department with a day-long induction (which I spent Sunday writing). Escape at 6pm. Dinner with The Book Accumulator, Mini-Me and The Physicist at our fancy new local shopping centre. On the blog: the launch of Book Talk. For which I had had zero time to do anything.

Tuesday: drive 2 hours in peak hour traffic, look around a school with TBA and Mini-Me, fleetingly meet Verity (she’s super nice and I want her job!), borrow The Borrower which Book Talk are reading, drive two hours home again. Dinner fortunately at home, courtesy of The Physicist. On the blog: The Red Queen.

Wednesday: The No-Longer Resident Cousin arrives back from months of travelling, two seconds before we all charge out the door; I drive 2 hours, look at another school (which involved a lot of walking), drive 2 1/2 hours, drop TBA/MM at the airport, drive an hour home. Catch up with TNLRC on her adventures, but oops she’s off to Cornwall the next day (crazy lady, she doesn’t seem to be able to sit still!). On the blog: nada.

Thursday: cycle into work on a sugar low against 30 mph gusts of wind, get to work, have a meeting, be not coping with work on the sugar low, work from home for the rest of the day. On the blog: nada. The Physicist manages to go to the other end of the country and back in a day.

Friday: achieve loads at work, run ragged by manager. On the blog: nada (seeing a pattern here?)

Saturday: get up at 6 to watch Wales stuff Ireland (not the desired result). Watch France stuff England (the desired result, but it was really bizarre rugby. England didn’t really show up). Pick up glasses (see pics below), and have a general grumpy day. Resolve into marital happiness: P at the desktop computer playing a mediaeval war game, me at the laptop, sharing a plate of pitta bread and hummus. On the blog: a round-up of September. Oh and I decided to try and make my office a bit paperless, so lots of scanning happened.

Those are two different pairs, I promise.

Sunday: get up at 6 to watch Australia v South Africa and New Zealand v Argentina.

I reached my Goodreads target of 75 this week, updated it to 100, and haven’t opened a book since. Ironic.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – exhausted”

  1. Did you wear glasses before this? I thought you did not. Or were they contacts? I remember the first time I had to pick out glasses (it was first year of university, suddenly there were large rooms from which you had to read the powerpoints – I couldn’t), I hated every pair because they were so visible. Now I only hate them when it rains (stupid raindrops) or when it is sunny and you have to change from sunglasses to glasses to sunglasses when you go shopping.

    Aaanyway.. They look really good 🙂
    I have an old pair that looks very much like the ones you’re wearing in picture nr 2, or perhaps nr 1, or somewhere in between those 2 😛 (are they really different glasses? yes, the first are a little more rectangular? I guess they’re more similar to those)

    Sorry to hear you had such a long and tiring week. Hope the upcoming week will be a little more relaxed.

    1. No I’ve never had glasses before, or contacts. I was always so proud of my perfect vision (and I can still read street signs at a freakishly long distance). It turns out that I am slightly long-sighted and that is why I struggle to focus on my computer screen at the end of a long day. Fortunately I only have to wear them when I am doing “close work” (computers, reading) for a long time, so not in general. Sunglasses-switching shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

      it’s funny that the pairs look so similar in the pictures – they are very different in real life! Left is black metal with quite thin frames on the top and bottom so I am not very aware of them. Right is dark blue with a pale inside, plastic, and much chunkier frames.

  2. I love the glasses. I need new ones as the nose bit has fallen off one side. Happily specsavers still do the frames, but I am delaying as I think I need a slightly different prescription, and also because I don’t klnow what frames I would choose for the second pair!

    I wish we had met for longer; I’m sad that I won’t be at the meetup next Sunday but I have other things to do that day. I’m not sure how you know you want my job though! Did I not get over how evil my last week was sufficiently?!

    1. Me too! I might be about on the Saturday if you have a spare minute or three – I would happily come to Paddington for a coffee before you get back on your train back up/Victoria before you get your bus…
      You work in the RadCam and you’re a librarian. Both of those are awesome. End of story.

  3. I love your weekly overview and especially that you’re don’t mind to mention the bad moods either. I usually keep them off the internet, but aren’t we all human? 🙂

    I like the glasses – both pairs! I had to look closely though, to see the difference.

  4. See, glasses aren’t so bad 🙂 they suit you! And driving around the country with you and TBA was fun 🙂 and why was TNLRC off to Cornwall?!

  5. The gig-lamps, as my dad used to call them, look learned. That almost looks like the spine of ‘Purgatory Road’ in the background of one of the pics – I thought you’d given it away?

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