Arthur’s Apple Tart

So my family and I visited some dear family friends last time I was in Sydney, and our friend (who is a Serious Cook) made this gorgeous apple pie. I’m not usually much of a fruit-in-stuff fan (I like fruit out of the fruit bowl, not cooked in things), but this was so yummy that The Book Accumulator and I both got the recipe and I had a go at making it a few weekends back!

When I say making it, I mean:

– making the pastry

– making the crème patissière (custard, to us mortals) filling

-putting it all together.

The former two parts of that are distinctly non-trivial, and involve lots of egg separation, milk boiling (which I found weird – I thought you should never boil milk…), pastry-resting…

I came to rolling out the pastry and had very strong memories of the Peter Rabbit books – I’m sure there’s a nasty woman who’s always threatening the mice (?) with her rolling pin. Fortunately I’ve not had to intimidate a rodent with mine.

So this is what it looked like before the apples went on:

Here it with all the apple pieces (note: the one skill I discovered I don’t have, is peeling an apple. The thing with the little vegetable knife in your hand as you rotate the apple? I can’t do it):

And the finished product:

It was extremely yummy, particularly so when eaten baking hot with a good dollop of ice cream (who am I kidding. Several scoops of ice cream. More like “ice cream, with apple tart”). Unfortunately our microwave chose to explode Tuesday before last (3 days after the baking extravaganza) and I was so taken aback by this that I forgot I could heat this in the oven… and ended up throwing out a fair bit of it as there was so much milk and egg involved, I didn’t think it was safe to keep for more than 4 days.

Now I have a new microwave and will be making this again soon!


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