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Midweek odds and sods

No, this still isn’t a book review. There will be some more. Soon.

Today/in the last few days, I have:

– restarted the couch to 5k running program (which Verity and I started, and then I ran out of enthusiasm and now she is in week 4 and I am loitering back in week 1 again…) and enjoyed it a whole lot more when I ran somewhere – to the post office depot – rather than in circles around a teensy park.

– got used to wearing glasses. They’ve stopped weirding me out so much.

– received this excellent pile of books in the post (click to enlarge):

– been made happy by this version of Bruno Mars’ Grenade sung by all-girl a cappella group Delilah:


– survived a French university speaking test. Just the written test to go on Tuesday.

– made the most amazing stew.

– finished my first audiobook, The Tenderness of Wolves. Not bad.

– read The Borrower, for Book Talk. Started strongly, then tapered off.

– read and discarded after 100 pages my one and only James Patterson novel, The Quickie. Simile-tastic. I think not.



7 thoughts on “Midweek odds and sods”

    1. Aren’t they great? I tried to find more of their stuff on Grooveshark but I assume from their participation in a televised sing-off that they don’t have a recording contract yet (can you tell I don’t watch talent show TV)?

  1. You’ll need lots of tea to get through that pile of books! Have fun 🙂
    Yay for passing the test!!!
    And Germany won’t let me watch the video…. *pout*

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