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Saturday sunshine, sniffles and the sofa

So I am back from my work-related travels (Warsaw, Poland, for those who didn’t know/guessed incorrectly) with a disgusting sniffle, but a relatively stress-free day at work on Friday and enough sleep and a day on the sofa and everything is much better. I’m not munching quite so much medicine and my reading mojo is well and truly back.

Without intending to participate in Dewey’s Readathon, which is all over the little interwebules, I have read two (admittedly short) novels and abandoned another two:

Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending, which just won the Booker. Good, but not that good.

Helen Garner’s The Spare Room, borrowed from The Book Accumulator. Very good, although somewhat anti-climactic.

Jonathan Kellerman’s A Cold Heart – I got fed up of the two very similar narrators, both occupying a first person narrative.

Ffyona Campbell’s Feet of Clay – no end of respect for someone who can walk from Sydney to Perth, but I wasn’t a fan of the writing style… too many sentences beginning with “I”.

Then my work laptop decided to misbehave just as I was settling into a good bit of catching up on life, so started on Nelson DeMille’s The Charm School, which may or may not pass the 100 page test. I’ve got a few issues with the writing, but generally the plot is chugging along nicely.

Work laptop still doesn’t work, which is strengthening my resolve to get an iDevice of Evil, and I am going to have to abandon the Steps music videos that TRC and I are currently sort of watching in order to blog more at the proper desktop computer. Sad.


2 thoughts on “Saturday sunshine, sniffles and the sofa”

    1. Not amazing – both Sense of an Ending and Spare Room are worth the read, and I’m getting along with the non-fiction accompaniment to the Philippa Gregory “Cousins’ War” books, but my world has not been rocked.

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