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A Cold Heart – Jonathan Kellerman – 4/10 (DNF)

“The witness remembers it like this:…”

The LAPD are perplexed when a middle-aged blues guitarist and a promising young artist with a druggy past are murdered in quick succession. Petra Conner, reserved detective with a recent break-up, and Alex Delaware, ex-police psychologist, are both intrigued by the cases and feel duty-bound to follow them up.

This had the potential to be a great thriller – two sort-of linked cases, both of which are pretty cold, with tenacious investigators, and all sorts of crazy characters lurking on the sidelines. The main characters are strong, tough people with recent  personal relationship issues but no bizarre behaviour which can be so limiting in police procedurals.


The two main characters (ignoring Milo, who according the blurb is the lynchpin but I didn’t even know who he was when I read the blurb again to do this review) are so similar, with such similar recent relationship troubles, and both perspectives are told in the first person singular, that I actually got the characters mixed up and was really confused when they seemed to be hanging out with people they didn’t know.

Ergo – narrative weakness. And when the plot hadn’t grabbed me by page 100 enough to overcome the extremely confusing double/same character issue, on the DNF list it went.

Additional info:

This was a personal copy from Bookmooch.

Publisher: Headline, 401 pages (hardback)

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2 thoughts on “A Cold Heart – Jonathan Kellerman – 4/10 (DNF)”

  1. Pity, as his first few (6?) books were so good – but they plummeted into boring formula long ago so have gone from “must read” to “never read” for me. I can’t recall if I’ve read this one- I think I did but it did not make much impression. The first Petra book was OK, I thought.

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