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Sunday Salon – Scotland

I write this from a rather chilly seat in first class on the Edinburgh-London express. First class comes with a number of advantages, particularly free internet and free tea brought to your seat. Dinner too, but I have to admit, the tea is more exciting for me than dinner.

The Physicist and I, although with Ma and Pa Physicist, attended a lovely wedding in Glasgow yesterday; there was many a kilt on display (including The Physicist’s) and we got fireworks as well because the groom had wisely agreed to remember remember the 5th of November.

I had a fairly crazy week at work last week and am very much looking forward to a quieter week coming up; I will be spending 4 days testing out a new version of our software – very much a 9 to 5 task.

Oh and I went up to Oxford on Thursday night to do my bit at a graduate recruitment event; not sure we convinced many people but I did get to catch up with a few friends afterwards.

As a result of the crazy week and then all the weekend excitement, I didn’t get very much reading done. I finished The Help, which I very much enjoyed (having seen the film last week), and I also finished Gold Boy, Emerald Girl, about which I’m still a little confused.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Scotland”

  1. First-class Edinburgh-London? That must be the equivalent of a week’s holiday in Greece! And then to think that in most (but not all) trains in the Netherlands you have free internet in all (2) classes. But I bet it was a comfy ride!

    Sounds like you had a busy but fun week.

    1. Just a cuppa tea… but dinner can be brought onto a train in sandwich (or as I did on Friday night, Chinese takeaway) form. I cannot bring an automaton onto the train who makes fresh tea for me every half hour. Hence the excitement.
      Train trip totally not romantic when there is a biting draught in the carriage because the windows won’t stay shut as you whistle along at 100mph.

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