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More about me than you needed to know…

Inspired by Andi, Amused by Books, Lorren and Wendy, I hereby present you with more than you needed to know about me (slightly adapted from the original).

Age: 23 (very nearly 24)

Book Size: mass market paperback, anything over 200 pages. Good handbag ruining size.

Chore that you hate: Taking out the garbage/doing the hand washing-up.

Dogs: As long as it’s nowhere near me, you can keep yours.

Essential start to your day: Tea. Lots of it.

Favorite colour: Blue. Given my way, I would paint a whole house blue, inside and out, and wear blue clothing all day long every day. Blue food might be a bit much.

Gold or Silver: Silver generally, but some of my favourite jewellery is gold… I don’t really mind either way.

Height: 5’7″. Short enough to wear heels, tall enough not to need to.

Instruments you play: Piano, badly; violin, even worse. I “sing” too.

Job Title: Assistant Manager, Business Services & Transport Audit, Large and Important Accountancy Firm (ok so the last bit isn’t on the business cards)

Kids: are small, noisy, terrifying and in the future.

Live: London (UK – not Ontario…)

Milk: semi-skimmed (1.5%-2%). Skimmed is white water, full-fat is practically butter. Why would I want coffee made with butter? I’m really fussy about this.

Nicknames: generally unimaginative and thus short-lived.

Oldest living relative: Grandpa. Ninety and a half, and still telling terrible jokes.

Pet Peeves: Sniffing; chewing with open mouth; saying “less” instead of “fewer”; overuse of “like”, “literally” and “random”.

Quote from a movie: And what are you, a sheep? (Mulan)

Right or Left handed: Right. So very right-handed.

Siblings: Mini-Me! (1 younger sister, 14).

Time you wake up: By choice – before 9. On weekdays, about 7. Invariably 15-30 minutes before the alarm goes off, so I go back to sleep and am thus exhausted when it does go off.

Underwear: Yes. How is that even a question?

Vegetable you hate: Where to start? Brussel sprouts, turnips, swedes, parsnips, beetroot. And do not even mention cabbage to me…

What makes you run late: Getting lost in my email/feedreader over my breakfast cup of tea.

X-Rays you’ve had: Shin when I couldn’t get my leg out of the way of a cricket ball. Chest when unable to breathe deeply. Spine on any number of occasions (long-standing cricket injury).

Yummy food that you make: Beef & red wine stew; chicken and bacon risotto; Yorkshire puddings. Ciabatta bread (admittedly, from a pre-mixed pack, but still).

Zoo animal: wallabies. Like kangaroos, but so much cuter.



15 thoughts on “More about me than you needed to know…”

  1. Well, I only ever used to read 12 books a year (no joke) until about 2005, so I’m only about 250 books up on you! 🙂

    I assumed because you are married and have a proper job and everything that you were much older — I didn’t get my first proper job until I was 27! And I did not meet Mr Right until I was 30!

  2. Aw this was fun to learn more about you!

    I LITERALLY (tehehe) died when I read this because I feel the same way:

    “Kids: are small, noisy, terrifying and in the future”

    I will admit. I use literally WAY to often. I think I say like a lot too. BUT today while in a meeting I was listening to this girl report on something and she said it probably every other word..that and “Um”….I kept sitting there vowing to make sure I don’t sound like that! haha

    PS. I love your idea of a “dusting challenge”. I really need to get my act together with some of these books!!

  3. On all that information I’ll pick up on the Brussel sprouts. I hated them with a vengeance until I actually came to live in Brussels. They know how to cook them here! If you come to visit one day, I’ll prove it!

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