Advent with Austen

Advent with Austen has arrived!

It’s Advent as of today.

It’s 200 years since Sense and Sensibility was published.

It would have been Jane Austen’s birthday on 16 Dec.

All together = Advent with Austen.

If this is new to you, please visit the original launch page for the explanations and the sign-up page.

Alex has already got the event off to a great start with an in-depth reflection on Persuasion.

My plans for AWA have been greatly boosted by my recent birthday and the ensuing book acquisitions…

Right there, along with my cup of tea, are 4 books that I’m intending to read as part of AWA, all purchased thanks to my in-laws shaking their heads at my birthday wishlist, buying me a voucher and saying “go forth and spend”…:

P. D. James’ Death Comes to Pemberley – I’ve not read any of the Baroness’ work but I know she is held in such high regard for a reason and I love a good bit of crime writing so I have huge hopes for this.

A Truth Universally Acknowledged – I have been wanting to read this for soooooo long – 33 authors and critics on why Jane Austen is held in such high regard.

Jane Austen Made Me Do It  – a set of short stories inspired by Austen. A really interesting-looking collection.

And lastly, because this came from my friend rather than my in-laws:

Janet Aylmer’s Darcy’s Story – I’d never heard of this but it looks really fun – Pride & Prejudice told from Darcy’s side. It looks pretty light and fun so should be a breeze!

BUT I’m also hosting the readalong of Sense & Sensibility  as that is the book of the hour… the schedule I’ve come up with is intended to be very gentle and un-taxing, simply because I am finding this end of the year very stressful and have no doubt that others will be too! Therefore I propose the following schedule:

Friday 2 Dec: start up to when Willoughby makes an entrance (end of Chapter 9)

Friday 9 Dec: up to when Elinor receives shocking news about Edward (Chapter 22)

Friday 16 Dec: up to where we meet Mr Robert Ferrars at a party in London (Chapter 36 – an inconsequential event but a good dividing point!)

Friday 23 Dec: the rest!

I’ll be posting my thoughts each week on Friday (I normally post after work but I’ll try to get Friday’s out about lunchtime), please join in the discussions!

Don’t forget to sign up on the Mister Linky if you haven’t already! I’ll be using it to make the draw for the prizes…


18 thoughts on “Advent with Austen has arrived!”

  1. Thanks for hosting this. I was looking forward to read along but will probably only post a review on December 23 as my month is quite busy as well and maybe an intro post once I’m a bit advanced in the book but not before you will get to the chapters.
    It’s a lovely idea. I hope you have fun, watching the movies. I’m curious to hear of that P.D. James novel.

  2. Coming a bit late to this but I’m in too! Sense and Sensibility has been sitting in my bookshelf gathering dust for too long.

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