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Birthday loot

What do you give an accountant for her 24th birthday?

Books. Obviously.

Courtesy of The Book Accumulator’s visit to London (Is That A Fish In Your Ear is one I had asked for and received well in advance).

Books for Advent with Austen, all courtesy of Ma and Pa Physicist, except Darcy’s Story which is courtesy of my friend Gemma.

(not strictly birthday presents) 3 review copies from the newly opened UK office of Europa Editions and 2 from We Love This Book

More ordered from Amazon courtesy of Ma and Pa Physicist. Please ignore my fingers propping up this pile. I’ve flicked through the cookbook and I pretty much want to just eat each page, so…

And three more – The Informationist came all the way from the publisher in New York and I have already seen a couple of good reviews for it; 200 Slow Cooker Recipes came from The Resident Cousin, along with a slow cooker (does anyone else think she’s dropping hints about my motivation to cook?) and Vanished came from Bookmooch recently.

And then two more which came from Youngest Sister-in-law Physicist which I have wanted for ages and I think she made excellent selections from my wishlist (please excuse my apparently disembodied skinny thumb holding them up for the camera, there wasn’t time for an arty photo with tea when they arrived just before I left for work this morning!):

Not a book, but another present which made my birthday awesome:

TRC knows me too well.

(and I did drink that cup of tea eventually…)


19 thoughts on “Birthday loot”

  1. Wow! Wish I’d seen your wish list as I have three of those in my “pass on” pile at home 😦

    Did your birthday card arrive?

  2. Especailly looking forward to your thoughts on the Albert Manguel’s one. heard great things about his books about books. Have “A Library by Night” on the wish-list for ages.

  3. Happy Birthday! I confess that books are all I ever really want as presents – you have some fabulous ones here. I loved Fadiman’s Ex Libris and the Franzen is a good read. Hope you really enjoy them all.

  4. I love my Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook! Did you know they have another one (Cake Days) and it’s even bigger and better and there’s a recipe for chocolate orange cupcakes that I might make exclusively, forever :). And Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day.

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