Thoughts and other Miscellany

Fuelled by coffee…

I should just buy shares in Starbucks at this point. I know it’s going to take several cups to get me through the day.

I went out to the opera last night with some friends in Wimbledon – the singing was reasonable, the first two acts highly entertaining and the last pretty dull. But there was good company and good burgers afterwards.

Unfortunately, that meant I got home at 12:30 to a sick Physicist, and was up again at 7:30 for work this morning.

I would much rather be doing this:

reading and snoozing.

I have, however, read my allotted 9 chapters of Sense & Sensibility and will be posting about them tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Fuelled by coffee…”

  1. Don Pasquale is cute, but always reminds me of a truly appalling translation I once heard – Golly, golly, Don Pas-quolly! Quick, back to Violetta………

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