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A Sunday Austen catch-up

Happy Sunday to you all, my lovely co-readers of literature.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had my feriation (definition at the bottom of this article) on Friday for 2 WHOLE WEEKS and am super-duper excited about this. Apart from the bit where I’m going to do some work on Monday anyway because I’m a bit addicted like that. Or quite a lot addicted like that. Being a non-smoking teetotaller, I feel there are worse addictions I could have.


This week there was Much Work. Which meant there was Not Much Blog. Quick recap:

Sense & Sensibility part 3


That would be it.

In other news, TRC moved out. TRC moved into the spare room for “a few weeks” in February and somehow stayed for 5 1/2 months and came back for another 2 1/2. She has tried valiantly to curate my TBR pile in that time but we’ve basically decided we have polar opposite tastes (I’m claiming the rights to the North Pole of Literature). I’m very sad that she’s moving out, not least because now there will be no 3rd party to be the arbiter of arguments with The Physicist about whether it’s pronounced yo-gurt or yogg-urt; but she has a blog about living in London and fashion and general happiness and wit, and you should ALL go and visit it.

Tonight RFBT or rather my Twitter-based self, @readingwithtea, is hosting the Twitter Movie Night Number 4 for Advent with Austen: the 1995 version of Sense & Sensibility which features Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Hugh Lawrie (and probably other famous people too). How can you resist? We start at 7pm GMT, the hashtag is #AWAusten (which will become #awausten as I get too tired to capitalise). Be there or be cast as Lady Middleton in the remake.

This week I do solemnly swear to watch the correct, scheduled version of the film, not a dodgy remake 10 years later; last week the 1996 Persuasion was the film of choice, and me thinking that there was only one Persuasion, watched the 2007 version by mistake. Big Mistake. Big. Huge. (sorry, I watched Pretty Woman last night and couldn’t help quoting in Julia Roberts’ voice).


4 thoughts on “A Sunday Austen catch-up”

    1. Oh, that man is not hard to look at. But yes, the 2007 version was somewhat frustrating, including the random lawn-waltzing right at the end when Wentworth has bought Kellynch (WHICH DOESN’T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK!!!!!).

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