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A Year in First Lines meme

More memitude. As first seen at The Indextrious Reader.

January: “This little thriller depended hugely on the bizarre and wonderful characters it contained.” Review of Douglas Preston’s The Codex

February: “I’ve been so proud of myself, posting nearly every day… But I am working somewhere with no internet for the next few weeks” Blog hiatus

March: “It’s been a while since I have taken advantage of the fact that I live very near a large public library with remarkably civilised opening hours.” New arrivals from the library

April: “Twitter has, of course, been abounding with pranks and fake book news today and I thought I would take a moment to collate the best of it” April Fools Day

May: “Firstly, happy birthday to my little sister. I’m trying to hook her into the book reviewing world by giving her a book journal for her birthday… who knows! Potential future guest posts by a 14-year-old book devourer?” Fun bits for May Day

June: “Inspired by Gaskella, and keeping her Latin theme, Janus here is going to represent my new feature – monthly summaries and forecasts.” I start doing monthly roundups with a Looking Back on May

July: “My, what a week that was. 3 exams over 3 days, totalling 11 hours and one very sore right arm and hand (I’m one of those people who presses down so hard when writing that I have been known to damage wooden surfaces).” A Sunday Salon

August: “Following in the esteemed steps of Claire at Paperback ReaderSimon of Stuck in a Book and Jane at Fleur Fisher, let me hijack my own blog for a minute to wish Cardigan Girl Verity and Ken a wonderful wedding day.” Happy Wedding Day to Verity and Ken

September: “BTT: What’s your favourite book with weather events?” A BTT post in which I quote a favourite poem

October: “OK, I don’t know what freak weather phenomenon is responsible for me sitting at the computer in shorts and a T-shirt at 7.30pm with every window wide open and washing still on the balcony (even though the sun has long gone down – the warm breeze is fantastic for drying) in October, but I am loving it.” A Sunday Salon celebrating warm weather

November: “In October I got through 11 books, not a bad effort.” another Looking Back Post

December: “I should just buy shares in Starbucks at this point. I know it’s going to take several cups to get me through the day.” A day fuelled by coffee, rather than tea.

This tells me that I have a lot more motivation to write monthly roundup posts and Sunday Salons than book reviews! And that I write very long sentences sometimes.


6 thoughts on “A Year in First Lines meme”

  1. All my first posts on the month on my blog are round up posts – but it might be worth me looking back to see how I have changed in a year.

  2. I love to see the variety of first lines — it always makes for an interesting “year” of blogging! I love your idea in May’s first line — how did your sister like her journal?

    Thanks for playing along — and Happy Christmas and New Year’s to you!

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