Oooh look… another meme!

This time, my life in books I have read this year. First seen at Stuck in a Book and Jen’s Book Thoughts, several months ago.

(can you tell I am not really engaging my brain before New Year? Or saving all the good reviews for the New Year, when people are back at work and therefore reading blogs – in their lunchtimes, obviously)

One time on holiday: When God Was A Rabbit

Weekends at my house are: Dead By Midnight

My neighbours are: Mice

My boss is: The Existential Detective

My superhero secret identity is: The Survivor

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry because there is: No Safe Haven

I’d win a gold medal in: Paranoia

I’d pay good money for: A Cold Heart

If I were Prime Minister I would make: Rules of Civility

When I don’t have good books, I: Strike Back

Loud talkers at the cinema should be: a Dead End Gene Pool

Some of the answers are a bit bleak but they were such good fit!


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