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Moving house – but not far

You may have noticed a little change, although I’m hoping you haven’t noticed much of a change at all!

This blog’s address has now changed from

to the much shorter and easier to remember

Fortunately, this required zero

and only a bit of

I moved for a number of reasons:

1) Americans can’t spell “fuelled” and it was driving me crazy in the pingbacks

2) It’s shorter

3) It matches my Twitter username and email address and log-in name to WordPress so really it’s what you are most likely to see me give my name as around the place.

So… ta-dah! New blog name. Nothing else should change though and feedreaders and links will simply re-direct (I hope).

Please email me on readingwithtea at gmail dot com if you have any problems accessing my witty pithy book reviews and other idle chatter…


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