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I don’t think I’ve ever read a single Sherlock Holmes case. I vaguely remember some short stories or abridged versions, but if I did, it was many moons ago.

The Physicist and I have been watching the BBC adaptation (both season 2, which started on New Year’s Day) and season 1, which we had lurking here thanks to the Musician.

And it’s excellent!

Firstly, what is not to love about Messrs Cumberbatch and Freeman:

Secondly, their mysteries are set almost exclusively in modern London (particularly The Blind Banker) in areas I know and recognise. I know this from when the team in Bend it like Beckham goes to Hamburg, but I get a real kick out of seeing places I know well on screen, and thus other people’s interactions with my space.

Now I just have to get my hands on some real Conan Doyle. Oh wait, it’s practically free because it’s out of copyright.

Where should I start?


14 thoughts on “Sherlock”

    1. You live in Hamburg??? No way. You’re going to turn out to be someone I actually know from real life, aren’t you. I was just there in December, not sure when I’ll be in town again but we should definitely meet up next time I’m there!

  1. I’d only read a handful of stories years and years ago, but I too I got hooked on the new series. Last year, I read the first novella “A Study in Scarlet,” which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend (the middle section is not good at all), except that so much of the dialogue was lifted straight from it for the Sherlock episode “A Study in Pink.” It’s really stunning to see how they tweaked the original to make it fit.

  2. I’ve chosen A Study in Scarlet for the classics challenge I’m doing this year. I haven’t read any Conan Doyle before, so the first one seemed a good place to start. I’m not so sure now after reading Teresa’s comment.

  3. I really love listening to the short stories read on audio book. We’ve got about three ‘casebooks’ of Holmes’ stories which we listen to in the car on journeys. Some writing really lends itself to being read aloud (I’ve heard Dickens is brilliant on audio book, too). Oh and Julian Barnes’ novel Arthur and George is quite interesting for the fictionalisation of Conan Doyle’s life.

    1. Good tips! I read and enjoyed Julian Barnes’ Sense of an Ending so would like to read more of his; and I’m starting to really get into audiobooks. I’ll have to look out for some Sherlock audio.

  4. That’s fun. I have seen the first season about the holidays, too, and was impressed. I definitely have to read some of the books. I’m curious about season 2. Unfortunately it isn’t on tv here.

  5. The first episode of season 2 blow my mind. I love it how they have been able to modernise it and yet be so faithful to the canon (boyfriend and I are fans).

  6. Like you I love the new BBC series. I haven’t read Conan Doyle in quite a while but plan on starting with A Study in Scarlet after the TBR Double Dare.

  7. I ve read them all I loved holmes as a kid I start with the adventures and hound and work out from there I loved the new sherlock seeing the parts of other stories put together ,Hope you enjoy discovering them I constantly reread them I just reread the blue carbuncle like I do every christmas ,all the best stu

  8. I started with A Scandal in Bohemia as it was only a short story, it was my first Sherlock read. I was inspired to read it after the new programme, will go back and read some others based on the first series.

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