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Sunday Salon – Much buying, less reading

Happy Sunday, lovely people. It’s been a busy and slightly difficult week – coming back after holidays always is difficult. On the plus side I’ve been out for dinner twice with friends and cooked up a storm at home on the other nights.

Today, the Physicist is physicising, with occasional breaks for TV when the equations all get to be too much. I’ve done some work, read half a book, abandoned it, written a review of it for a magazine, and am about to embark on more work. I have another book review technically due today, and as I haven’t read it yet, that could occupy a fair bit of my afternoon, but there is Sherlock on tonight (I raved about it on Friday), so it will be a busy evening.

Books sitting on my desk waiting to be reviewed: A Discovery of Witches, The Sense of an Ending and After the Lockout by Darran McCann. The Book Accumulator has jotted down some thoughts for me on The Sense of an Ending which he bought, read and enjoyed on my recommendation; do we have the first hints of a guest review on Reading With Tea?

Books sitting on the bedside table waiting to be read:

Gods of Gotham by Lindsey Faye (which I have to read and review today!)

The Great Gatsby for Wallace’s readalong

Remembering Babylon for Kim’s Australian Literature Month (I’ve opened this a few times and I’m really struggling – I need to have time to sit and read it, I think)

I Capture The Castle for Iris’ readalong

Much reading waiting to be done, not so much of it actually happening.

Oh but I did start listening to Salmon Fishing in the Yemen as I pootled about on Friday and it is bleakly hilarious. Poor Dr Jones: his wife is a condescending career-minded witch, his boss is a sycophantic apparatchik, and his client/colleague/collaborator is vexingly capable and attractive. Am enjoying it very much.

I must account, the Physicist must dissertate (thank you Liburuak for the new verb). Sunday on!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Much buying, less reading”

  1. Happy Sunday! I hope you won’t feel pressured about I Capture the Castle!

    How interesting that you write for a magazine *is a little jealous*.

    Very much love the verb dissertate. 🙂

  2. You are most welcome (and Iris too of course): I’m glad the plight of the dissertators – why yes, that is also a word! – is providing entertainment to you, that way at least it’s good for something ;-).

  3. You’re a very busy bee – hope you managed to tick all the boxes 🙂

    What did you think of this episode? I liked it, but not was good as the previous one.

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