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Sunday Salon – No reading makes me sad

This week I did not open a book between last Sunday and this Friday. That’s 5 days without reading for fun. I did listen to 3 CDs of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday so I suppose I have been reading, but not calmly, on the sofa, with a blanket. Disc 4, however, is scratchy and won’t play, so I’ve had to call a halt to that for a while.


A. Lot. Of. Work. (and very short commutes where I spend much longer walking at either end than I do actually on the train)

Let’s not talk about that.

The Physicist is away at Casa Physicist with a ghastly cough (I suspect chest infection, given how long he’s had it) which, while it means I must worry from afar, also means I am not in the germs’ line of fire. Which leaves me working on Sunday morning in bed, with the TV on in the background, cup of tea within reach, and contemplating filling in my tax return which has to be done in the next two weeks. Also baking some brownies, and very much looking forward to watching tonight’s episode of Sherlock.

Reading-wise, as I said, it’s been a slow week. On the bedside table are:

The Great Gatsby on the Kindle – I’m 50% of the way through and taking part in the read-a-long at Unputdownables.

Remembering Babylon by David Malouf as part of Australian Literature Month and the Aussie Author Challenge, along with the fact that the Book Accumulator would probably like it back at some point.

Both are very short novels so I should have no trouble finishing both quickly.

Sunday forth!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – No reading makes me sad”

  1. I had a slow reading week as well. In fact, it wasn’t until yesterday, before I curled up with Norwegian Wood, and read for a couple of hours straight. I’ve also had a continuous headache which is not helping things. Argh!

  2. Slow reading weeks are sad indeed. But it happens. It’s life. Sometimes life takes over. And there’s always the next week! Hope you will be able to read more!

  3. I am sad when I can’t get to read as well. but reading during rush hours and weekdays are hardly a joy. Gone are the days when one can read in quiet time and read as long as one need.

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