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Sunday Salon – ?

Another week of working hard, another week of not reading much (particularly because I now have a long commute again – just under an hour – and am choosing to cycle rather than sit on the Tube and read).

The Physicist has a lung infection to which I appear to be miraculously immune, so he is hacking away in the other room while I try to decide what to say about The Sense of an Ending which I read months and months ago and really want to take back to the library.

Reading: none.

New Year’s Resolutions regarding blogging broken: one – to blog every day. I was doing so well until earlier this week when it all just got too hard.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – ?”

  1. Ah, how awful P. is not feeling well. Keep eating lots of vitamins so you don’t catch it too! Good for you to go cycling rather than taking the stuffy underground.

    Blogging every day is a matter of discipline as well as knowing something to write about. I did it last year, but usually 3 of my weekly posts were reviews. If you don’t read that much, it becomes a lot harder.

  2. Ah the difficulties of writing posts about books read months ago! I found that my Moleskin Passion Books can really be handy in those cases. As well as browsing through other reviews.

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