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Sunday Salon – Bakerloo ramblings

The weekend is already over and I feel like it’s barely started. Although why, I don’t know…

Friday night I joined a new library – on JoV at Bibliojunkie’s recommendation, I signed up at Mayfair library (which looks just as lovely on the outside as one might expect) and wandered out with Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, which is the subject of the next readalong I intend to join.

I went to visit TNLRC in her new home over in north-west London yesterday, we had a lovely breakfast at the local café, checked out some clothes in shops we can’t afford, made 3 post-perandial perambulatory loops of Queens Park fending off dog- and toddler-walkers, and retreated to the lovely diner nearby for outrageous chocolate milkshakes.

We also visited the Kilburn library (which, confusingly, is in Queens Park, and the QP library is in Kilburn…) and thanks to the London Libraries Consortium, despite being an East London resident, I was able to take out Toni Jordan’s Addition and Simon Lelic’s The Facility.

On the ride over to the north-west I read a bit more of and then abandoned David Malouf’s Remembering Babylon, which wasn’t bad, it wasn’t dull, I just didn’t care about it or any of the characters or the writing or anything. Gah. I then tucked into a review copy from Europa Editions, Audrey Schulman’s Three Weeks in December and finished it in a day. It demanded to be finished. So there, hopefully, is the end of my string of DNFs.

Today I have slept a lot and cleaned a bit. And organised a bit. I’m hoping to start another book tonight ahead of the work week commencing!


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