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Looking back on January, looking forward to February

In January I read 6 books, which considering how busy the month was on a work front, is not bad going. I did abandon three of them (“although I stuck to my 100 pages or 25% whichever is shorter” rule, and I have reviewed them) but the ones I stuck with were the longer ones anyway.

Books read were (links are to reviews):

After the Lockout by Darran McCann – 5/10 (DNF)

Remembering Babylon by David Malouf – 2/10 (DNF)

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsey Faye – 7/10

The Golden Pig by the Penny Brothers – 4/10 (DNF)

Three Weeks in December by Audrey Schulman

You can see from the number of unreviewed books that I’m a bit behind, but I’m hoping to catch up on reviews soon and give myself a bit of a buffer. I’ve finished Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay already in February so things are looking up.

As you can see, three DNFs show that this was not a great reading month. I don’t know whether this was due to poor book selections; as much as I am trying to stick to the TBR Double Dare, I have a huge pile of review copies to get through and I just want to read them and get them done because they are making me feel guilty, which means I’m approaching them in the wrong frame of mind. Having said that, the two best books I read last month were review copies so maybe it’s not that.

I tried to participate in Kim’s Australian Literature Month, but unfortunately David Malouf was my first attempt for it and we really didn’t get on at all. I also had some YA books from my sister for ALM but I found them to be far too “young” and sent them back to her straight away.

I’m trying to listen to Paul Torday’s Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and when I do, I find it very funny and a great listen, it’s just a question of making time for audiobooks specifically (also a defective disk which necessitated a special library trip for a different copy).

I don’t know what to start next but goodness knows I’ve got enough to choose from! The Physicist has been grumbling about the number of books in the house so I’m trying to make a bit of a dent (though I know that’s deluded. Even at 10 books a month it would take me a year to make much of a difference).

Urgh. Grumpy about reading. Hope you’ve had better months!


2 thoughts on “Looking back on January, looking forward to February”

  1. Guilt about review copies feels horrible. I’ve been guilt-free for a while now (then again, I don’t think I get as many review copies as you do :)) but I do understand the feeling you describe. But it is good to hear your two favourite books this month were review copies.

    Here’s to a better February reading-wise, I hope it was at least a good month personally.

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