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Friday frolics

Apologies for leaving the news of my deceased pet up there as the “most recent” post for much longer than usual… I’ve done a 50 hour week this week at work and I have so much work to do over the weekend that it’s not funny. Throw in a vicious cold (although thankfully not The Physicist’s lung infection) and some family turmoil (the aforementioned deceased cat), and you have yourself a post-free week.

Because I don’t have anything intelligent to say today (yes, I know you’re hanging out for reviews of Three Weeks in December, A Discovery of WitchesDown Under and Tomorrow, When The War Began), I thought I’d point you in the direction(s) of some of my bloggy friends and have you go read what they said today/recently instead.

Verity and I chat nearly every day on Twitter. Verity blogs about cakes and life and cardigans and pink laptops and swimming and such lovely things at cardigangirlverity and about her challenge to read every Virago Modern Classic at Verity’s Virago Venture. Which is pleasantly alliterative.

Alex, Iris, Ana and Lyndsey were my lovely Advent with Austen co-hosts. They are all delightful. Please go to read what they have to say. I’d like you to note that the AWA team included two Portuguese girls living overseas, a Dutch girl studying for her Masters, a new mum with an extraordinary capacity for humour and me (you know my nationality issues). Go us for being multi-national.

I’ve only recently met Annabel and Simon but I have been following their blogs for years (as I am more of a lurker than a commenter, they may have been unaware of this!). They say clever things.

And some non-book-bloggy people who are dear to my heart (dear to me? near to my heart? I’m going to stick with my mixed phrase):

3G blogs at interblagging, mostly about tech stuff but also a bit about life and overcoming anxiety and most recently about going self-employed.

The No Longer Resident Cousin used to blog at cutoutthestars. Now she writes bits in the Australian Times. But I think she should blog more, so I’m putting some pressure on her from a blog platform (which is a bit meta. Or pseudo. Or something)

I don’t want to cause any offence by leaving people off this list! If you feel you should be on it – leave a comment linked to your URL 🙂 See above re: tiredness.

Adieu, fine folk…


4 thoughts on “Friday frolics”

  1. I hope you are recovering from the cold. I have been the same this week with hardly any blog posts, the boring bits of life have got in the way but hopefully, a post will be up this weekend.

  2. Thank you for your link – I really appreciate it, and of course it’s OK to lurk! Hope the weekend is not all work, and that your cold goes v.soon.

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