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Sunday Salon – Back on the wagon

Ahhh… watch those tumbleweeds rattle by.

There’s been radio silence on this here blog and I won’t apologise for it because this blog is for fun times and there has been not so much of the fun times recently – a totally self-imposed deadline crisis led to me working most of last weekend and my timesheet showing 69 hours. Woohoo. 20 hours of that was a translation project though, which was awesome, and now I am contemplating setting up a little freelance German-English translation sideline. Ye who wish thy German anglicised, holler.

So… that would also mean no reviews written. Which explains the pile here beside me: Tomorrow When the War Began, The Informationist, I Capture the Castle, Down Under, A Discovery of Witches and Three Weeks in December. Yep, 6 non-DNF, pretty darn good books. Consecutively. Second woohoo.

Much as I have resolved to exercise more (I’m up to week 5 in the Couch to 5k program, which would be super-impressive if I didn’t keep taking 3 week breaks…), eat less garbage, do my uni homework etc… I’m resolving to post daily again for a while.

Recent adventures at Maison RWT include:

– Cecily (the beloved bicycle) having a rebellious teenage phase (she’s been around for a year/900 miles) and getting two flats in two different tyres in two days. Both now patched. I feel like a pro.

– The Physicist and I watched the movie of Tomorrow When the War Began. I know it’s heretical to suggest, but it’s as good as the book (the book impressed me but did not knock my socks off)

– I have stuck to my New Year’s Resolutions of not spending money at Starbucks or in bookshops. Learning how to use my aluminium/steel percolator and having 1000+ of my own books of which I’ve read max 20%, and having a gentle but steady incoming stream of review books (thank you, publishers!) is keeping my wallet a little happier. I know I should be supporting independent booksellers but there aren’t all that many in East London, and while we live in London on pretty much my salary only, brand new books at £10-£20 are a luxury I must do without. Fortunately The Book Accumulator and Mini-Me provide a stimulus package to the British book economy whenever they visit.

– Which means that for Lent I am trying to complain less and be more grateful. I’m finding not complaining very difficult as I’ve discovered it’s a common conversational piece for me (not a nice discovery about myself) but actively trying to be more grateful is definitely improving my life. Instead of being grumpy about a second flat in two days, I was grateful for the opportunity to have a much better shower at home and a commute on which I could read!

Sunday forth!


9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Back on the wagon”

  1. I think that’s a really good lenten goal, and may try to emulate you. Although without cake, I am quite grumpy. I should try to make myself feel grateful that I have a chance to eat a bit more healthily and there’s lots of other nice things to eat instead!

    Mr W has just overhauled my bicylce, I hope I will avoid punctures for a little while…

  2. I never thought about giving up something like that for lent. We always seem to focus on food and drink! At the moment having devoured far too many biscuits whilst at my mums and fighting an urge to start hunting my flat for something else naughty to eat, I might just give up trying to give up things!

  3. I sympathise with the punctures — nothing worse, particularly as I’m not very good at mechanical things and despite being very independent and feminist I always get my other half to sort out! Mind you, I’ve not had a puncture in YEARS because I’ve got Marathon Schwable tyres which are pretty much indestructible. They are expensive but entirely worth it.

    1. I have managed to fix both of them myself, without assistance from The Physicist, but I would much rather not have to fix them myself! You are the third person to suggest Marathon Schwalbes. These are my first two punctures in a year of cycling so I won’t pass judgement yet; if I get many more I will be looking into new tyres.

  4. I saw you gave A Discovery of Witches 3 stars on Goodreads and I’m looking forward to your view on it. it was one of my few “I Quit”s of 2011.

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