Challenges update

So, you may remember, I joined an unholy heap of challenges for 2012. In case you’re interested, here’s an update:

I’ve totally failed to stick to the TBR Double Dare, particularly given that my initial ambition was to read only copies I owned on or before 31.12.2010 (i.e. they’ve been in the TBR for more than a year). But I haven’t bought any new ones, which has to count for something.

Kim’s Australian Literature Month looked excellent, but I stymied myself by trying to read David Malouf’s Remembering Babylon for it and so instead of 3 books in the month, I managed 1 DNF. Since then I’ve read Tomorrow When the War Began and Down Under, which isn’t Australian fiction, but it’s non-fiction about Australia so I say it counts towards Booklover’s Australian Authors Challenge. Or something.

I joined in with the Great Gatsby readalong and very much enjoyed it, and I’m sort of reading I Capture the Castle with Iris. In that I’ve read it and I’m waiting for her to catch up so that we can write something jointly-ish.

I’ve contributed one to the ebook challenge and the audiobook challenge, and haven’t made much progress otherwise.

However, it’s the usually excellent review copies that are keeping me off track and I don’t really mind all that much.


3 thoughts on “Challenges update”

  1. It is only February plenty of time to redeem yourself, challenge wise.

    I have not done any of the ones I set myself in february not been a settled reading month for me,

  2. I am the worst at challenges. I tell myself each year not to sign up for any. I always sign up for a few and end up not succeeding. But Jo’s right, it’s only February.

    Also, will get to I Capture the Castle soon. I am sure this reading crisis will pass once this week is over 🙂

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