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Sunday Salon – pleasantly peaceful

Happy Sunday, folks!

It’s been a very quiet weekend at Maison RWT – The Physicist is tethered to the desktop computer as Mass Effect 3 as just come out. I don’t get the computer games phenomenon (I’m quite happy with MarioKart on the Wii, thank you very much), but P is stepping away from the computer only to eat and sleep. Sometimes.

Which has meant that I’ve had plenty of time to myself this weekend – what bliss. The flat is sparkly clean, 2 months’ worth of ironing has been done (does anyone else out there effectively remove clothes that require ironing from circulation by dumping them in the ironing basket and leaving them there?), I’ve caught up on Google Reader a bit (at time of writing I was down from 800+ to 367 and working on it), I’ve planned a few blog posts, and I’ve done a reasonable amount of work to give myself a headstart on next week. I’m in the difficult position at work that interesting projects keep coming up that I want to be involved in, but I already have no time… so I need to have a think.

A pleasant diversion this morning was brunch at Victoria Park with The German… a very civilised spot for an excellent dish of eggs royale and a latte. It was about a 15 minute cycle each way – perfect exercise for a Sunday morning.

I got through Tim Winton’sĀ Breath this week… I don’t know. It started promisingly, then it went downhill for quite a while, and then we had a bit of a redemptive process at the end. I think it’s still headed for 4-5/10.

I CANNOT decide what to read next. I have a ton of review copies (some of which have been lingering since August!) to get through so maybe I should try one of those next.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – pleasantly peaceful”

  1. I was a bit disapoointed by Breath too – it sounded promising but somehow didn’t quite work out for me. Glad there’s been some good bits amid the work, I should probably get on with the ironing too. Mr W should do it, but he’s been gardening all afternoon while I’ve been reading and blogging so I probably should give it a go…

  2. I have done the ironing too. As there is only me i have to do it all.

    I have been getting some blog posts ready in between reading, I also have a pile of review copies which I need to tackle but then I have just started a book and getting into it…..

  3. You had a nice and peaceful Sunday. Oh, men and their games! I’ve got 3 in the house. I prefer a few rounds of Mario Kart myself (but NOT rainbow road, I can’t stay on the track!).

    It’s nice to have a sense of achievement. I went for a good walk on my first day of a healthy living programme. šŸ™‚

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