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Now you see me, now you…

Yeah, I know, it’s been pretty quiet around here recently. I will refrain from saying much because I know some of my bosses check out this blog every now and again (you know who you are!) but basically work has been HARD recently and I have poured all of myself, including my sleep and apparently now my immune system, into it. Fortunately, we did a bang-up job and are pretty proud of ourselves for getting things over the metaphorical line. Time to tidy up the files, make sure we’ve got all the right paperwork, and move on to the next project.

Some of you will have noticed that not only did I go quiet on the blog but I banned myself from Twitter and Google Reader as well, so basically as far as I was concerned, all the fun bits of the interwebs went missing for the last fortnight.


You must tell me of all the fun things that happened! The literary kerfuffles, the book you read that you can’t believe you never read before, the recipe I’ve got to try.

Things that happened to me:

– Mini-Me sat me down and forced me to start watching Gilmore Girls. I’ve now watched the whole first season and am caught up in all the teenage/small-town drama. Actually small-town life looks pretty great. Season 2, here I come.

– I abandoned a ton of books within five pages. First there was the crime novel where something so gross happens to the protagonist in the first chapter (no great surprise, it was in the blurb) that I felt physically sick. I had to get off the train and sit on the platform and get on the next one. (it might have been the second night of five hours sleep that made me ill, not sure), then a novel set in southern Africa where the dialogue was just toooooooo stilted to be real. Urgh. I need a book I can read!!!

– The Physicist stayed home for two consecutive weeks, wahey! Apparently it’s hard to leave your wife behind when she comes home totally exhausted from work every day and cries with tiredness and grumpiness. I’m hoping the home time was good for his thesis. Woe thesis misery, or rather “thisery”, begone from our house!

– I caught manflu a serious cold from the audit director. I blame the lack of sleep and dreams filled with discoveries that we got the acquisition accounting of something that was bought 4 years ago when I was still at uni and therefore definitely not auditing this company, wrong.



17 thoughts on “Now you see me, now you…”

  1. Welcome back! It’s so hard to do the rest of life when you’re pouring everything you are into one thing. I read The Happiness Project and it made me really, really happy. So happy that I started my own project. So that’s my recommendation for you 🙂

  2. Love the term Thisery…hope you are feeling better soon. I have an ominous tickle in my throat after going to London today so maybe we should have met up after all…

  3. Glad to hear that you have got through it. Intrigued that your bosses read this blog, are they worried I wonder?

    Lack of sleep is not good, so I hope you can curl up with good book, tea and bed very soon.

    I don’t know whether much has been happening really, just Iife i suppose interspersed with reading and blogging and swimming, which I may have pushed myself too much with this week.

  4. I’m so curious about that horrible crime novel now! I’ve read quite a few recently, both ARCs and old ones, where the opening chapters have been truly grisly and nausea-inducing.I’ve persevered with most, but a few have totally turned me off. Hope you find something lovely to read soon!

      1. Oh, yeah, I shouldn’t have immediately looked that up. That’ll teach me to be overly curious. I absolutely don’t blame you for stopping. *goes to lie down*

  5. Would it not be the case when financial year end at March and you will have to start auditing again? Hope you recover soon. I know how it feels to work hard and pour immune system into it.. it’s dreadful.

    1. The stressful time is January-March because so many companies, including most of the big listed ones, have December financial year ends and want their audit done quickly. My next two clients are March year ends but they are a bit more chilled out 🙂

  6. Great to see you back. I know exactly what the busy season is like in the world of external audit, but from years ago. I am amazed that you manage to blog at all! I look forward to reading more. And I hope you manage to have some fun soon…

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