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Musing Mondays – Out of the Blue

This week’s Musing Mondays, hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading, is:

Have you ever found a book out of the blue, read it, and then had it be surprisingly good — one that stuck with you for years? If so, what book was it?

Absolutely – most of my books are “out of the blue”.

I picked up Penelope Lively’s Moon Tiger solely on the grounds that it won the Booker the year I was born, and it still rates as one of my favourite books.

I picked up Elizabeth Peters’ Crocodile on the Sandbank, which turned out to be the first (how lucky!) of a 20-book series featuring the intrepid Amelia Peabody, for a pound at the book stall at the Lancaster market. I loved it and have been collecting the others in the series on Bookmooch ever since and will very soon have the full set.

Other notable “out of the blue” books that have grabbed my attention – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (picked up at the Lancaster market), The Hand That First Held Mine and The Distance Between Us both by Maggie O’Farrell (lucky library finds), Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (lucky library audiobook find), Rules of Civility (lucky NetGalley request) – it seems like all my favourites have been out of the blue!


3 thoughts on “Musing Mondays – Out of the Blue”

  1. I do pick up quite a lot of random books, but one in particular that has stayed with me is Confessions of Dan Yack by Blaise Cendrars. I picked it up reduced to £1 in the Blackwell Bookshop in Oxford, not having heard of the author or book ever before. Turns out it was a reprint of a modern classic and I completely loved it.

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