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Saturday rambles

I’ve got a few draft posts waiting to be finished but I thought I’d have a little ramble.

Our rent has been put up by a stupid amount so The Physicist and I are looking for a new place to live. We checked out a few bits of South London today and it was pretty good. I’m realised how atrociously middle class I am. Not in a necessarily bad way… I just want to live somewhere where I can walk to a cafe and have a nice breakfast, and where there is no rubbish in the streets. So we think we’ve found our area, but now the hard bit with the viewings starts. On the plus side, I will be moving close to my friend The German again and she tells me there’s  a second hand book shop nearby. The Physicist is quivering in fear. (Or so he says. I know I’ll have to go drag him out of there on a regular basis)

I have a MOUNTAIN of review copies beside the computer. The Physicist is being very forgiving, but still… I need to get through some of them. After The Hunger Games trilogy, which is pretty brain-consuming, I’m struggling to settle with a book. On the plus side, I’m giving myself permission to give up on books very quickly (I tossed out two Jack Higgins books this morning because one of them was ridiculously action packed and the other one was clearly the same). I’ve read 197 pages of Iris Johansen’s The Search* in about an hour and a half since dinner. It’s pretty good. I think crime books are my way back to my normal reading.

I tried out The Book Exchange this week; I haven’t tried buying anything from it but we will see. I’m going to drop off my books myself as the postage would be punitive for the returns, which makes me think I could just go to Notting Hill, but this is a start-up and I like the idea of supporting them. So go check them out.

Toulouse sausages are pretty weird. I’m still struggling to find a type of sausage I like – the plain ones are too fatty and the flavoured ones are all flavoured too strongly. Maybe I just don’t like sausages?

workworkworkworkwork. Insert mandatory grumble here.

Cecily (the bicycle) has started to behave herself again now that she’s got posh new puncture proof tyres. I’ve done 12 miles this week (that’s 1 1/2 commutes) and already feel a bit healthier. Also I’ve realised that the solution to not being able to cycle to clients who don’t have showers is my London-wide gym membership. Not sure how much I’ll stick to it, given how tempting the Tube and a book are, but…

I think I’m a last-minute wedding guest next weekend, which is great fun as Dad and I will be able to catch up with loads of his family. Plus – excuse for a new dress.

Do ramble below!

* affiliate Amazon link. If you purchase using this link, I will earn a small percentage of the sale.


4 thoughts on “Saturday rambles”

  1. A lovely ramble it see times focuses the mind I feel.

    Do let us know how you get on with the viewing of flats. Surely nearer a bookshop should be a given.

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