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Musing Mondays – Currently Reading

This week’s Musing Monday asks:

What are you currently reading? And, is it better, as good as, or worse than your last read?

I’m actually between books at the moment (that sounds like a euphemism, doesn’t it – like “between jobs” or “between relationships”!) – I read Iris Johansen’s The Search on Saturday and enjoyed it very much; it’s getting an 8/10 in its review (will go up on Friday/Saturday of this week).

I have Victoria Lamb’s The Queen’s Secret in my handbag for the train ride home, so we’ll see later! I’m expecting it to be historical fiction nonsense but I’ve enjoyed that sort of novel recently so I’m hoping for the best.

Pam Jenoff’s The Kommandant’s Girl is on my bedside table along with Stella Duffy’s Theodora – should I be prioritising one of these two instead?


6 thoughts on “Musing Mondays – Currently Reading”

  1. I just started ‘The Descendants’. I like reading the book before watching the movie – if I decide to watch the movie at all. Sometimes the book is so good I feel no film adaptation could do it justice.

    1. Yeah… although I’ve been pleasantly surprised by both The Help and The Hunger Games in both film and book recently. Let me know how The Descendants is – I’d like to see/read that.

  2. I do hate being `between books`. I`ve been reading Alias Grace and I do love Margaret Atwood but I`m finding it hard to get into! It`s been over a week and I`m only a couple of chapters in!

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