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Reading mojo!

After the Hunger Games, I’ve been in a little reading funk, not really willing to move onto the next book. Whether that was because I was away for Easter weekend, then working, cycling rather than taking the tube, or whether it was because once you’ve lived and breathed with a 16-year-old girl overthrowing a totalitarian state in futuristic North America with a bow and arrow, it’s pretty hard to get back into a “normal” world.

Anyway, all it took was an evening at home after a day of looking at flats to pick up “any old book” on the bookshelves – and I totally lost myself in Iris Johansen’s The Search. I loved reading about search dogs and their handlers in one of Jodi Picoult’s books, and The Search combined that humanity with the cut-throat paced thriller that one normally associates with Clive Cussler. (review tomorrow)

Three more review copies had arrived that morning (thanks Daniela! at Europa Editions) and the review pile next to the computer was teetering. I felt the need to restack the book case enough to give review and library copies a proper shelf of their own rather than piles on the desk – and I unearthed 10 books that I wanted to read next:

The Darlings by Cristina Alger – this is a review copy I was sent some months ago but was really excited about reading at the time. It’s about a man who marries into a big City family and is set up for life – but then something goes terribly wrong and he has to choose his own survival or that of the family who have made him.

The Queen’s Secret by Victoria Lamb – again a dormant review copy. It’s tempting to dismiss it as historical fiction fluff but I loved Philippa Gregory’s trilogy so much that I really shouldn’t write it off.

Then on the bookshelf, some candidates for weeding included:

– two books by James Clavell and another two by Andy McNab. I’m pretty sure I’m going to read 4 pages of each of these and hurl them at the wall/the recycling bin/the Notting Hill Book Exchange.

– a stack of disposable crime novels: The Next Accident by Lisa Gardner, Lost Light by Michael Connelly, Close Enough to Kill by Beverly Barton, Vendetta by Michael Dibdin and The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry (I’m guessing the last one is the quickest to be dispatched)

– Brida by Paulo Coelho. I loved The Alchemist but I’ve started this one in the past and didn’t love it.

So between some great looking review copies and a ton of books I want to sample but probably throw out, there should be a number of books leaving the house soon!


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