The Search – Iris Johansen – 8/10

“If you get my dog killed, you’ll wish you’d never been born”

Sarah Patrick and her dog Monty are inseparable; they have to be in order to do a good job as a search and rescue partnership. After an unscrupulous politician “lends” Sarah to John Logan, a businessman whose interests in South America have gone awry, Sarah is dragged into John’s life more firmly than she would like. John’s nemesis has realised how valuable she is to him and is determined to make the most of that knowledge…

Well, this book fixed my reading funk.

Sarah is a very sympathetic character, deeply caring for those in need but generally quite misanthropic; her razor wit catches Logan out quite a few times. Logan is stubborn and wants to get his own way all the time, but becomes much more likeable as the book goes on, despite his shady connections. Seth Galen, Logan’s right hand man, was a solid and entertaining minor character; ditto Margaret, his iron-fisted personal assistant.

I really appreciated that the plot was not overly complex – there was one key search at the start, and then the rest of the book built towards the eventual showdown at Dodsworth. While there was plenty of action in the meantime, it was more character development rather than plot driving.

I struggled with the romance that developed – while I could understand that Sarah had to be important to Logan, she already was as a friend of a friend who had performed a good service for him and saved his life. It felt like the author had handed over the book and the editor had come back with “where’s the romance? Insert please”. Anyhow it was realistic and fit into the plot… it just seemed unnecessary and predictable.

The book was clearly part of a series (there is closure in a long-running story arc) but it worked very well as a standalone.

A highly enjoyable thriller with a great protagonist.

Additional information:
This was a personal copy, no idea where it came from…
Publisher: Coronet Books, 436 pages (paperback)
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