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Sunday Salon – School

So after a fairly stressful week at work, The Book Accumulator and Mini-Me came to spend 24 hours with me, which was just the tonic I needed.

We went to an open day to look at a school for Mini-Me, who will be attending Sixth Form (the last two years of school) at boarding school in the UK, hopefully not too far away for me to rock up in my car on weekends and rescue her regularly! The school we looked at was pretty amazing, so it was a very successful day.

Mini-Me took my copy of Mockingjay with her, which is only fair because The Physicist has pinched the copy that she lent to me. Which means I need him to come home so that I can write my review of the final volume of the Hunger Games!

I’ve spent Sunday in the office catching up/getting ahead on a load of work, and of course I have done different work from the work I should have done, but at least I have got loads done (thanks in no small part to the Pomodoro Technique and KanbanFlow, my new favourite productivity tool) and I bought myself some new headphones as a reward.

I seem to have hit a spate of atrocious review e-copies sent to me; all very dark and violent and expletive-ridden and really quite foul. The delete button looms large.

Here’s to a more restful week than last week!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – School”

  1. It must be nice to have your sister (hopefully) near to you next year 🙂

    I’m curious about your thoughts on Mockingjay. I liked it much better than I expected, in the end.

    I hope you have a good week!

    1. Yes, it will be great to have her nearby 🙂

      Mockingjay: I was quite disappointed actually – it was so different from the preceding books, and the fact that the violence was non-Games violence made it worse, it was that much more real. Anyway, got to save something for the review!

      Sent from my iPhone – apologies for brevity and typos.

  2. Have started reading Hunger Games, thanks to you,& loving it. Had hit a quiet reading patch after being given Alex Miller’s “Autumn Laing “& finding it interesting but frustratingly slow. Back on track with Anne Tyler’s The Beginner’s Goodbye & now can’t put Hunger Games down. Surprised how many people say “but that’s a children’s book ” to which I generally reply ‘have you read Harry Potter ‘ (I haven’t )

  3. A friend gave me Alex Miller’s ‘Autumn Laing ‘ & I found it a tedious read. I found it hard to get reading again but got back into the swing with Anne Tyler’s ‘The Beginner’s Goodbye ‘. So took up your recommendation of the Hunger Games. Thank you so much . I wouldn’t have chosen it without your words & am so glad I have. Surprising how many people consider it just a children’s book. I just ask in reply if they have read Harry Potter (I haven’t ).
    Would also recommend Zoran Drvenkar ‘Sorry’ which I found so gripping I gave it to my German fluent sister in it’s original German.
    And to plug Australia read the Tim Winton like ‘Past the Shallows ‘ by Gavel Parrett
    Happy reading & thanks for such interesting posts

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