Grammar dalek

Grammar dalek week

I try to restrain my inner grammar dalek. This week, I’m letting it out.

First, go read this comic about grammar daleks. If you have ever heard of the show Doctor Who (and you would have to have been living under a petrous protuberance for approximately 40 years if you have not), you will get it.

Then, enjoy this week as I relieve myself of the stress of keeping the world’s everyday grammatical mistakes pent up inside. Tomorrow, we have an ambiguous sign where punctuation could save lives; on Friday, a product that would be in great demand if it actually existed, and on Saturday – well I haven’t decided yet.

In the meantime, chime in with your favourite errors! The Musician and Mini-Me cower in shame as The Book Accumulator and I growl “IT!” after every waiter who dares to use “Enjoy!” as an intransitive verb.


6 thoughts on “Grammar dalek week”

  1. Its and it’s are my particular bug bear …. as is overtaking on the inside (but that’s a different kettle of fish). Just don’t start me on mixed metaphors …..

  2. Hilarious! I have a buddy who corrects everyone’s FB update. Totally posted this over on his wall. I’m only a grammar nazi if the error is truly obtuse. I figure most of the its/it’s or they’re/their are quick typos online or e-mails. HOWEVER, I’m more judgmental if it’s handwritten. Silly I know.

    1. Sometimes my phone “corrects” me into making a mistake. I really resent that. But yes, I agree with the handwriting – at that point you know it’s intentional.

  3. As I screamed ‘fewer’ not ‘less’ at the radio twice this morning I suppose I must be a grammar Dalek myself. It possible comes from having a Ph D in English Language. Of course, language usage changes and even I don’t wince quite as badly as I used to when I see signs that say ‘This Door is Alarmed’. For goodness sake, what scared it so badly it needed to shout about it? However, I did draw the line last year as a sign that said Ladies Night Thur’s July 7th. Punctuation, not grammar, I know, but galling nevertheless.

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