Grammar dalek

I wish these could be bought

From the bathroom of a small cafe near where I’m going to be living soon:

No, I haven’t just posted a sign about potential blockages. Read it again.

“Sanity” towels.

If there were towels out there that conferred sanity upon their owners, they’d be worth their weight in gold. Move over Egyptian cotton, we’ve got clarity of mind and absence of nonsense here.


2 thoughts on “I wish these could be bought”

  1. I read it as it was meant to obviously be read and then had to read it again as you say!

    The wonders of the English Language!

  2. I’m really enjoying this series of posts…

    In my teens I was guilty of pointing out to a dear friend of mine a spelling mistake they had made in a birthday card they had just given me. I’ve learnt to control my frankness over time but those thoughts still lurk behind the filter 😉

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