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Sunday Salon – swiftly gone

Hammering this out quickly while sitting at gate B32 at Hamburg airport…

A quick weekend (Friday night to Sunday evening) with the family to attend Mini-Me’s confirmation. A happy and solemn ceremony this morning in a church packed to the rafters. I laid my hand on my little sister’s shoulder (not that I could see over the top of her head – she’s going to be taller than me very soon) and stood right behind her – a good place for a big sister to be.

I had done her hair in a special Katniss braid, inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s sideways braid in the Hunger Games films – photos later when I can hook up my phone and computer!

A big lunch with the family and assorted friends (including the lovely Twin).

The Book Accumulator cooked lots of great food. My Yorkshire puddings totally failed to rise. Brownies were more successful, as were the efforts, led by the Musician, to finish multiple cryptic crosswords out of the Sydney Morning Herald over the course of the weekend.

Bright pink fingernails as a result of a girls’ afternoon in the cool district of Eimsbuettel. Latte macchiato, Apfelschorle, U-Bahn efficiency and a gorgeous cycle ride on the very civilised suburban streets of Hamburg.

Not much work done (I blame the family internet). But lots of fun.


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