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Booky thoughts

I finally broke my 2012 book buying ban. That’s not to say that books haven’t come into my house in the last 4 1/2 months; I just haven’t had to pay money for them. The book in question wasn’t even an exciting one – I was buying Salmon Fishing in the Yemen for the Twin on my recent weekend trip away, and WH Smith at the airport was doing buy 1 get 1 half price. So I picked up The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. We’ll see.

I never used to be much of a walkreader – TNLRC used almost walk into people while reading between the station and our flat when she lived with us, but I’ve always been too scared of walking into obstacles. Turns out that being able to operate the Kindle with one hand makes the whole process a lot easier than walkreading with a paper book, and now it’s quite tempting.

I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home; I follow her Happiness Project blog. I’m enjoying the book, but the Kindle is really not doing it justice – often the illustrations come out wonky, or not at all, and I don’t feel like on the Kindle, it’s a volume I can refer to and dip in and out of in the future – a book that (while entertaining and enjoyable to read in big gulps) should be sipped from needs paper.

I love this breakfast table/bookcase:


7 thoughts on “Booky thoughts”

  1. I’ve just bought Diana Wynne Jones ‘Reflections’ on Kindle because my library isn’t going to buy it and it’s half the price of the hardback. However, it apparently has pictures and I’m wondering how they will turn out. Maybe they will be better on the iPad version.

  2. I’ve taken to walkreading, too! I get some funny looks on the way to work, but it adds up to an extra 60 pages in the morning (it’s usually too dark to read on the way back). I’ve also bought an elliptical so that I can read while I exercise–I used to listen to audiobooks when I went for a run, but it’s too cold for that now.

    I’ve also had a self-imposed book buying ban, but I’ve just received a few vouchers for Amazon and Booktopia…hmmm….

    Love that bookshelf/breakfast bar, by the way!

  3. I want to read Salmon Fishing in the Yemen before the movie comes out (or maybe it already did?). Sounds like a good summer reading as well.

  4. I’ve noticed that since he got a Kindle, Tim has been doing more reading while walking and generally dipping in for short times everywhere he goes. While I do carry a book around with me everywhere I go, I prefer to be sat down safely before I start reading.

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