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Sunday Salon – SUNSHINE

Violet tweeted today “Judging by all the tweets mentioning sunshine in England, I get the impression you guys don’t see the sun very often. :)”

So. True. This week has been gloriously, divinely sunny, and we don’t trust it to stick around for very long. I’m so afraid that it’s going to get cold and rainy again that I’m not enjoying it while it lasts! Although I did sit on the roof terrace at my client the other day for lunch and exposed my lower legs to the sunshine for 20 minutes. I looked like a suicidal vampire auditor.

Not least because  this has been me for the past few days week months:

swiftly followed by

(credit 1, 2)

So a weekend at home of pottering and reading and writing reviews is exactly what I need. England is walloping the Windies at Trent Bridge, which is keeping The Physicist happy (speaking of which, when is Australia going to play some more Test cricket? Where have my cricket men gone? They are supposed to entertain me from a great distance?!)

For some Sunday funnies (courtesy of Liburuak’s About page) – check out the reviews for this Swiss army knife. Seriously, just read the reviews. I have no idea who’s rigged it, but hat tip to them.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – SUNSHINE”

  1. What is it about we British and the Sun? Part of me is saying I want at least another three months of this and another is checking out a variety of five day forecasts to see when the rain is coming. Sometimes I just despair of myself!

  2. I’m very glad you enjoyed the reviews of this amazing Swiss Army knife as much as I did. I just had another look, they crack me up every time 😀

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