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Sunday Salon – I’m baaaa-ack…

Is that some tumbleweed I see blowing past? Work has got hold of me over the last month and not really let go, and combined with a house move to a lovely but as yet still internetless terrace in south London, there’s not been much time for reading or blogging recently. But, that’s all changing! I’m on holiday from work for two weeks, the first of which is being spent in the south of France and the second at home doing admin things like getting internet installed!

Yesterday, The Physicist (hopefully The Soon-to-be-done-with-writing-his-thesis Physicist) and I got up at stupid o’clock and hopped onto a Eurostar (a very civilised experience) with 8 friends and one 4-week-old baby; after a slightly complicated change at Paris, 3 hours of much needed sleep on the next train and a drive from Nimes to the middle of nowhere, we rocked up at a stone house that’s so stereotypically south of France I expect it to be made of foam and the countryside to end just out of range of the cameras.

My French listening skills are getting a marathon workout without any warmup, but I’m thriving on the challenge of doing something else with my brain. There’s a pool, a barbecue, the towns of Vezenobres and Ales (apologies for missing accents – I haven’t figured out how to make them work in WordPress!) provided some amusing wrong turns and a large supermarket where we managed to shop for 10 on a reasonable budget, and a lot of silence/country sounds. I’m listening to a petrol lawn mower right now; before it was the birds and the insects. We’ve counted three different cats who seem to think the villa belongs to them rather than us for the week, and generally life is delightful. What’s even better is there’s another 6 full days of this to go.

I’ve been writing this post for about an hour now and have now taken all the contemplations I had written about work, work-life balance, society-assigned gender roles in relationships and at work, but I’ll save that for another post. Today’s is light and fluffy. Like souffle.

On the reading list for this week: I was delighted to establish yesterday that one of the others in the group had brought more than 10 paper books as well as a Kindle for a week’s holiday. First off the blocks: Rosamund Lupton’s next novel (I loved Sister despite its appalling lack of resolution), Afterwards.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – I’m baaaa-ack…”

  1. I’ll be interested in what you think of ‘Afterward’. I’m hoping that it was second novel syndrome and that number three will be better, but I’m afraid I couldn’t get anywhere with it. Have a good holiday.

  2. You have been missed. Your holiday in France sounds amazing. Ah, a stone house in the south of France *dreams a little*. Have a lovely time!

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