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BTT – catching up

It’s been a while since I answered a BTT question, so here are a couple:


So other than books … what periodicals do you read? Magazines? Newspapers? Newsletters? Journals?

Do you subscribe? Or do you buy them on the newsstand when they look interesting?

Stuck on a Tube without a book, I’ll pick up a free newspaper – Metro in the mornings, Evening Standard later in the day and on Wednesday I do rather like Stylist.

I try to keep up with happenings in Australia via, the site for the Sydney Morning Herald; otherwise I don’t read many newspapers. I tend to get the news in snippets from BBC News and Sky News on Twitter and then head over to BBC News if I want details.

I will admit to buying the occasional Glamour magazine at an airport or train station; I choose Glamour over the others because they seem to understand what “budget” means when it comes to advertising cheaper clothes, while Marie Claire et al seem to think we all have hundreds of pounds to spare for impulse buys!

First Teacher

Who taught you to read?

I’m assuming this was a combined effort by both of my parents, as I can’t remember not being able to read. Quite a lot of the stories of my childhood which my father whipped out at my wedding are to do with reading:

– the time I refused to nap at kindergarten and was found to be quietly organising a storytime circle, much to the kindergarten teacher’s bemusement because children don’t usually learn to read in Germany until they go to school

– the time my mother and babysitter tucked me in with a book and went to watch a movie in the other room, expecting me to fall asleep after five minutes, only to come back after the film and find me fifty pages further into Blinky Bill!


3 thoughts on “BTT – catching up”

  1. You always think books when reading but forget about all the other material out there as well!

    I buy one magazine which I read, Essentials which seems to have enough in there to pass the time when I need it to and it is not full of out of price range items, goods and ideas! And then my slimming magazine when it is out. That is just mainly for recipes and inspirational stories! I suppose I should also count the stitching magazines that are passed to me by mum as well!

    The news I glean from the BBC news website in the main. I have got in the habit of buying a newspaper on a Saturday, but that is mainly for the magazine with the weeks tv listings in. However, as there is naff all on the tv most of the time, it seems rather futile. Recently I have had access to the ipad version of the Telegraph and I enjoy reading that a lot.

  2. one paper a week guardian sat ,have the iphone app for rest of the week ,one lit review tls nearly every week ,three music magazine uncut mojo and the word soon to be two as the word is closing that is it ,all the best stu

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