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Sunday Salon – Sunburnt

Happy Sunday, lovely readers, and I hope the weather is as lovely wherever you are as it was for me this week in France.

I had an amazing week in the south of France, lounging about in the sun shade (to quote The Physicist, I am the rubbishest Australian ever, given that I get burnt just looking at a picture of the sun), taking the occasional dip in the pool, reading a book a day, catching up on the blog world, taking a day trip into Avignon to look at some old buildings the palace of the Popes and best of all, taking a two hour bike ride up some monster hills and getting a ridiculous amount of bike grease on the back of my leg. Also a ridiculous piece of comedy sunburn where the back of my T-shirt failed to reach the top of the back of my shorts when cycling because I was cycling on a bike clearly made for a 6’3 man, rather than 5’7 me, so I was bent right over just trying to reach the handlebars. So I now have a comedy half moon shape scalded onto my back.

SO yes, that was holiday week number 1. Fortunately for me, there is holiday week number 2 coming right up! In which we will get internet, I will collect the gazillion parcels that arrived while we were away, I will rearrange my books because I will have access to LibraryThing again, I will attend some work meetings because I’m a bit too conscientious like that, and the Physicist will find the end of his thesis ( I hope).

Books read this week:

Afterwards – Rosamund Lupton

This Is How It Ends – Kathleen MacMahon

Little Night – Luanne Rice

The Last Apache – Jim Fergus

The Darling Strumpet – Gillian Maxwell

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

The House of Serenades – Lina Simoni

The World Without You – Joshua Henkin.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Sunburnt”

  1. What is this thing you mentioned called the sun? I seem to remember it was something I used to avoid as well, but at the moment I’m very much out of practice. Still, I’m glad you’ve had better weather.

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