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The Great Book Reorganisation of July 2012

When we unpacked in the new house recently, we just took books out of boxes and put them on the shelves any old how (apart from keeping my and The Physicist’s books separate in our allocated bookcases). Juring my second week off work, I thought I’d do a spot of reorganising.

Given how much I love looking at other people’s bookshelves, I thought I’d introduce you to the newly arranged shelves! All pictures should be available in larger size if you click on them, apologies for iPhone camera quality.

First all the books went into piles on the floor/desk (this is not even half the books below – I had to do it in shifts because there wasn’t enough floor space):

And the result is as follows:

In the deep bookcase, there are 5 shelves with my books in them. The first is the series I’m collecting (Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series, Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series, and Clive Cussler’s Oregon series):

Next is the shelf of favourites that you will have to pry out of my cold, dead hands if you want to borrow them, with a few library loans on the right hand side:

My current stack of review copies (does not include the myriad NetGalley/GalleyGrabs on the Kindle!!):

Books acquired in 2012 (such a small stack for 6 months! Aren’t you proud of me?):

Books borrowed from family and friends:

My accountancy books are hanging out at the bottom of that bookcase too:

And now the other bookcase:

The tall one on the left (directly beside the piano) is mine. The other one is The Physicist’s and shows a lot of signs of me tidying up by shoving his stuff into his shelves:

The purple box on top stores books that are leaving the house (check out my Bookmooch inventory – I can’t make links work today! But my username is cricketgirl – and request some?):

So, going back to my big bookcase – this holds all the books I owned before 31 Dec 2011. I ordered by date of acquisition and then by author where there were books bought on the same date. The reason for this somewhat crazy system is that I have lots and lots of books already that I haven’t read, and I really feel like I should start with the oldest ones first; read them and get them out the door again. If I want to find a particular book,  I have LibraryThing to look up and all the books have stickers on the front with the date so I can find one pretty fast.

The top two shelves are the oversize ones which won’t fit in the main shelves; they’re in order of date of acquisition:

The pink tab on Brick Lane on the right marks the start of the “books I owned on 15 Oct 2010 when I put all my books onto LibraryThing” and which continues onto the 2 shelves immediately below:

And finally all the books I acquired between 16 Oct 2010 and 31 Dec 2011 (the vast majority in 2011). And yes, they’re all double stacked, in (currently) perfect order of date of acqusition and then by author – I’ve realised I must have gone on huge shopping sprees on 14 Jan 11, 17 Apr 11 and 22 Jul 11 because there are so many books with those dates!

And yes they’re even double stacked behind the piano. That wasn’t easy.


10 thoughts on “The Great Book Reorganisation of July 2012”

  1. The devil in me wants to move that pink sticker to another book, to mess up the system! The angel in me which is more prominent, know how important organisation is!

    Well done on your organising, and also on the books bought so far this year. Mine are woefully more! Daren’t work it out.

    I realise though I might have to check all mine are on Goodreads and my organising is up to date!

    1. The pink sticker was actually to indicate that it could be part of the South Asian challenge I was trying to do this year. It’s merely a happy coincidence that Ali is the first surname in my 15-10-10 batch.

      And yes, Goodreads/LT/blog review match-up is next on the task list!

  2. How you manage with those books?!! Amazing. I am so glad that I am not a practising accountant, Otherwise I would have to lug all those IFRS with me. Your shelf looks really great now.

    1. I don’t really need them at work as we have online access to all the reference material – they are more a badge of honour for having survived exams! And sometimes the textbooks are useful for looking up hedge effectiveness criteria and other such delightful topics…

  3. I don’t do this a lot as mrs stu is a very tidy person and reorganises my books on a weekly bases ,which is good but not always sure where she pus some books ,all the best stu

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