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Oh hai, blog…

Yeah, I’m still here. Just working hard and not in London.

And when I’m not working, I’m watching Olympics and desperately praying for Australians to swim/run/cycle/row faster. Pleading with my television. Sadly it doesn’t work like that and the local team’s doing pretty well.

Coming up in the next few days:

– an update on the various reading challenges I set myself this year

– a few reviews that have been sitting in the drafts folder since the start of June

– whether or not Tooting Library call security on me when I return a “very overdue” book (I think it’s about 3 weeks late. At 3 weeks x 7  days x 12p/day, we’re still only up to £2.52 in fines. Still less than the book would have cost me.)


1 thought on “Oh hai, blog…”

  1. As an Australian, who loves watching the Olympics, I just hope that the wash up of Australia’s lack of Gold medals doesn’t mean that it is decided that even more money is sunk into training athletes in Australia at the detriment of the Arts.

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