Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sunday Salon – Solitary

So… I’ve been a bit absent… ah well, you guys know I’m pretty busy.

Yesterday was extraordinarily productive; recycling taken to the tip, library books returned (Tooting library generously only fined me £8.40 for returning three very overdue books), email sorted out, blog posts caught up on…

Today the computer won’t start, the kitchen is still full of washing up to do (I love our new house but I do not love its absence of dishwasher, nor the absence of the Lead Dishwasher), I can’t motivate myself to do the work I need to do to have a clear schedule next week, it’s raining so I really don’t want to go out and do the couple of local errands that need doing… Woe is me.

I did read Tamar Cohen’s The War of the Wives last night/this morning – at first I wasn’t sold on it at all, both women seemed so insubstantial, spoilt, self-indulgent, but Lynsey Dalladay at Transworld has been so generous with review copies that I thought I would carry on (I couldn’t face writing the email to Lynsey to say I was abandoning it) and around page 150 it really picked up and suddenly I was hooked. I’ll save the rest for the review but definitely an unexpectedly good read!

Update: I did the errands (got rained on), did the washing up (well, most of it), made cupcakes (yummy) and fixed the computer (for now). And Andy Murray won the tennis. If it couldn’t be an Australian, and it was never going to be someone German, Irish or Croatian, Scottish/British will have to do! At least the Scottish Physicist will be very happy about it…


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