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Secret Weapon

A quiet Saturday morning here at Chateau Reading With Tea, although thanks to a magnificent book and tea parcel which arrived last night, I have some Secret Weapon to drink. Click on the picture to zoom in and be able to read the ingredient list – the tea is pretty yummy.

(for those who are interested in the tea, here’s the link)



7 thoughts on “Secret Weapon”

  1. What an interesting combination of ingredients! I can’t imagine what it tastes like… is it strong? Whit tea itself is supposed to have a mild flavour, I think, but with licorice and cocoa nibs, I really can’t guess. My current favourite tea is Vietnamese green lotus, a very nice green tea steeped at 70 C degrees. But honestly, with this heat, all I want is ice tea -___-;

    1. The cocoa flavour was quite strong… I felt like the tea was missing something else herbal, like mint or lemon – it was a bit dark and dusty for me. But really interesting and I am intrigued for the rest of the teas that came in the package!

  2. it is really interesting combination. I’m pretty well versed with all the other ingredients, but blue cornflowers?? how does that taste like? You are a very brave girl Yvann, tell me how you feel after the tea and I’ll buy one online! πŸ˜‰

      1. Ah, yes, I didn’t consider that. I always hope for the best, but you’re right in that fruit teas don’t transfer their flavour well to iced tea.

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