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Sunday Salon


Last weekend, The Book Accumulator and Mini-Me came over to see me and the newly hacked back Maison RWT garden – the previous tenants hadn’t touched it in 3 years and it was our own little bit of Amazon jungle in South London. After a non-trivial trip to B&Q (ever tried to fit 4 people, luggage for 2, basic gardening tools and £60 worth of plants into a Hyundai Getz?) and a solid afternoon of gardening, the garden was very much improved.


So now I’m starting to think about what I can grow, and pottering around a few gardening boards on Pinterest. One click lead to another and I ended up reading directions on growing garlic:

You want to plant the garlic “root” end down.  Like so.  The bigger the clove you plant, the bigger the resulting head of garlic will be.  If you sprinkle a little oregano on top of the garlic and squeeze a tomato over everything in 9 months you’ll have grown a delicious marinara sauce.


In unrelated news, Gretchen Rubin’s Happier at Home is out in a few weeks (I’ve already read it and can vouch that it’s well worth the read) and she is giving away a copy a day for the next few weeks. Open to US, Canada and UK: use this link to enter.

Google Reader

Mine was at 1000+. It got marked-all-as-read. Let me know if I missed something big from the last month.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon”

  1. Hahaha, wouldn’t that be a wonderfully easy way to make marinara sauce? 😉 Do you have planned flowers or edible plants for your garden? I can’t imagine how much of a jungle your garden must have been, before you hacked away the overgrowth.

    I’ve given up on Google Reader for now, 1000+ is really discouraging.

  2. Our herb garden is just a few pots on the kitchen windowsill, but I love it. I’ve found that basil is really easy to grow (makes for delicious caprese salad), as well as parsley and coriander. I love using my own herbs in my cooking now! Happy gardening!

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