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Musing Mondays – Rethinking

This week’s Musing Mondays asks

Have you ever reread a book and found that your opinion changed?

My best example of this is Sense & Sensibility – the very first book I read and reviewed for this blog. When I read it back in October 2009, I gave it 6/10. I can’t believe I once gave it 6/10. Maybe it was because I was harsher with marks starting out, but I would definitely give it a 9 now. I’ve even done a link so you can fully appreciate my folly.

There are a number of books (almost all avowed favourites) that I’m a little bit scared of re-reading in case they weren’t as good as I thought they were the first time. The Thousand Autums of Jacob de ZoetThe Hunger Games trilogy, anything by David Baldacci – the list goes on and in unpredictable ways.

I guess this is a self-selecting bias though – I’m highly unlikely to re-read a book I only found so-so in order to upgrade it; S&S was part of Advent with Austen last year.


16 thoughts on “Musing Mondays – Rethinking”

  1. I’ve done this the other way around. When I was 19 I reviewed YA books for the central library in my home city. There was one book which, at the time, I thought was brilliant. I re-read it a few years ago to see if I could capture some of the ‘essence’ and found it to be absolutely dreadful. I wondered why I’d liked it in the first place and was slightly ashamed of my perspective of what was good writing.

  2. I’m afraid that I agree more with your original review than with the 9 that you have given now 😉 I’m reading Austen’s books for Roof Beam Reader’s August event and have found S&S a little disappointing. Perhaps I’m too easily annoyed by Marianne’s emotional whims. Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were infinitely more satisfying. But who knows, maybe in a few years time a re-read will make me change my mind :)

    1. I loved Persuasion. I enjoyed S&S more the second time around – but read it in bursts over 4 weeks rather than mostly at once. Maybe that was the difference – there’s only so much of Marianne that one can take?

  3. Interesting answer! I have yet to read a book that’s bounced from a low rating that I’ve given to a higher one (I’ve tried in the case of one book and yeah, it didn’t change much the second time around). I ❤ S&S btw; I remember reading P&P in high school and didn't think much of it back then but when I re-read it prior to the 2005 movie I just loved it and read all of Austen's other works xD

    Here’s my thoughts for this week’s Musing Mondays =)

      1. Loved both the movie and the BBC series, they both had their strengths (great actors in both (I love Matthew MacFadyen and Colin Firth so it’s hard to say who I liked more as Mr. Darcy, they both interpretted the character in different but interesting ways), the 2005 version was prettier but the 1995 was closer to the book). The 2005 version edges out as my favourite because the soundtrack was gorgeous, Dario Marionelli is an amazing composer <333

        Did you see the S&S movie and/or BBC miniseries?

  4. I’ve actually done this without having re-read the book. (I know, I’m doubting my literary sanity, too.) My mind has somehow managed to pull a complete u-turn on “The Vortex” by José Eustasio Rivera. I had to read it at Uni and HATED it, you have no idea how much. By now I’m very taken with the idea of it. It has somehow matured in my brain and grown on me. I’ve been planning to re-read it sometime soon to see if it lives up to my new expectations. Has this ever happened to you?

  5. WordPress just ate my comment, grrr.
    I was saying I’ve actually done this without re-reading the book (I know, I doubt my literary sanity as well). My mind did a complete u-turn on “The Vortex” by José Eustasio Rivera, which I was made to read at Uni and HATED with an absolute passion. Since then, the idea of the novel has really grown on me, as if it had matured in my mind. I’m planning to re-read it to see if it measures up to my new expectations of it. Has something like this ever happened to you?

    1. It didn’t eat it – it just didn’t like that you posted under a different name. I’ve approved it now so it shouldn’t happen again.

      I’ve done the change of mind without re-reading as well… it’s usually litfic with me – something I managed to give 5 or 6 to something I now think I hated, and vice versa too.

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