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No reading

At the moment, I am getting no reading done. I have almost no commute and the ten minutes I do, I drive; my breakfast is wolfed down in 5 mins, my lunch break is either in front of the laptop or with colleagues and dinner is in the hotel with colleagues or out with a friend.

In the early weeks I was taking a book to the hotel restaurant but now there are so many of my colleagues around that it’s quite nice to have a chat with someone outside of the work context.

And the lack of reading is making me antsy! I’m realising what a de-stresser reading is – it takes you away from the everyday while still exercising your mind.

Anyone else feel like this?

(on the plus side – hotel = gym. I’ve been to the gym more in the last month than I have all year)


8 thoughts on “No reading”

  1. I definitely agree that reading is a MAJOR de-stresser. School just started back up in my county so the past two weeks I’ve found myself angsty and twitchy and can only blame it on lack of reading. (I realize this sounds ridiculous since I’m reading *blogs*, but I know I can just walk away after reading one or two posts from my RSS feeder, whereas with books, I’m a “MUST GET TO END OF CHAPTER” kinda gal.)

    Glad that you’re getting good social time though.

  2. Me too! A combination of increased work and complicated daycare arrangements mean different commute, or commute with child, not even an occasional reading coffee break at work, and too dog-tired to read in bed. Not reading much is driving me NUTS!

  3. Oh, I hear you. My reading time right now is close to zero (a few pages in bed at night before I doze off): I bike to work, get home late, and since the weather has been lovely I’ve had quite a busy social life! I don’t want to jinx it but I’m almost hoping for some bad weather so I can get some reading done on the bus/metro on my way to work…

  4. I see what you mean… I read a lot on my half hour commute in the morning and afternoon. Without it, I probably would get a lot less reading done. Exercising = destressing as well, right? 😉 Do you have time in the evening to read a few pages? Before bed, for example?

    1. I have to confess I usually have the laptop out to read blogs, or am watching a bit of TV… both mostly it’s get up, gym, eat, go to work, work, eat, work, go to hotel, eat, work, bed. Rinse and repeat!

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